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Sngeo provide Optimized Procurement Business Suit, Source to Pay and Procure to Pay Solutions, GST Reconciliation, Sales CRM, Project Management and IOT solutions, try our free plan. The digital life of end consumers and enterprises has transformed and is literally available any time, anywhere. The evolution of personal smart devices (including mobile platforms), Big Data insights, and cloud infrastructure has made it imperative for products and services to create and deliver experiences through these channels and infrastructure. Sngeo is in the forefront so far as building competencies in emerging and rapidly evolving technologies management is concerned.

SaaS Engineering Software as a Service (SaaS) is no longer a differentiating procurement delivery model, but rather an essential one for most ISVs today. Many compelling benefits of providing a SaaS offering also give rise to dynamics and nuances—multi-tenancy models, subscription or metering and costing models, cloud-aware or scalable, deployment, and instrumentation nuances, and of course, the technology choices and competencies.

Agile Practices in Software Engineering & Management Any procurement/business expects flexibility in evolving requirements and priorities, on-demand or frequent releases or both. Above all, product consumers expect spot-on quality and failures in meeting any of these requirements can bleed the business dry. Software engineering and operations evolution has accelerated over the past decade to meet these business demands—whether it is through the adoption of Agile methods and tools or the introduction of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps culture (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment).

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